Video 1.

Hubsan 20 times size, fitted with 400KV disc motors, 16inch carbon props, custom composite frame. F/C Multi Wii Telemetry, 4000mah Lipo. .

Video 2.

Long range FPV X8 flying wing. This model offers a huge amount of under canopy space, excellent glide performance.

Video 3.

Ultra Big custom built carbon alloy and foam H Copter Drone 40 inch motor to motor Total Thrust circa 17lb.

Video 4.

Custom built replica of the Draganflyer X8 copter. 330kv motors and 18inch carbon props FC is APM 2.6 with GPS etc

Video 5.

Fitted with 400KV disc motors, 17inch carbon props, custom composite Utra folding frame based around Air Dog concept design .

Video 6.

Large fast Y6 Copter all carbon custom built for client. fast and manouverable Complete with high power live video feeds.

Video 7.

This is a large 1200mm drone that was designed to carry a 2kg camera and gimbal. It has been fitted with new 1.2KW motors and can now lift a RED EPIC camera and gimbal with ease.

Video 8.

Recent custom built all carbon folding safety drone. The drone is fully autonomous and only weighs can be fitted FLIR night vision

Video 9.

This is my second update of the progress with the fast KK2 self designed Y6 UAV drone, with all carbon finish

Video 10.

Nexus 560 all carbon professional starter arial photography drone. APM 2.6 fully folding design with GPS 720kv. Fully Autonomouse capable.

Video 11.

HUGE T3 copter build. Measuring almost 4 feet between motors. 2.3KW of power Working high energy green lasers.

Video 12.


Racing 250 Carbon Copters

Available from £229.00 ready to go racing with CC3d or Naze32, includes 2.4 receiver and race lipo, carbon props

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Full Size Military Type Replica Drones Built to order.


Large Scale military type drone built to customers specifications for uses such as crop analysis, large scale mapping surveys, building projects etc