Who We Are

Drone Reaserch was founded in 2009. All founders have already been engaged with development of advanced aerial vehicles for over 40 years before that time. Products of Drone Research seek to provide the technologically most advanced answer for safe and high sophisticated operations in the field of the keen hobbist and professional aerial reconnaissance.


We are now able to provide a full Business Consultation service, concerning the best drones and technology to meet you business needs. We can also assist with CAA/FAA licensing, long range drone operations using such things as LIDAR Gravametric scanning (mapping) Methane detectors ( pipelines) Flir thermal systems, (Oil Platforms) Multispectral systems, (Wind Turbines) Photogrammy (Land Surveys) etc. We also provide consultation services to Universities and Engineering Technical Schools and Collages,


Our History in pictures

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Our Services

It is now legal to fly a private aerial drone in the UK without any special permission if it weighs less than 20kg and it is flying more than 150m from a congested area. But permission from the CAA is required if it is used for a commercial activity like aerial photography. Permission has been given for inspecting power lines, Police use, and crop surveillance using FLIR*

* Forward Looking Infrared Camera .

  • Some of the things we offer

  • Supply any drone of any type at 'better prices' than available to the public, via our global contacts


  • Build and supply controlled and Autonomous UAV and FPV platforms.

  • Provide UAV for specific mission or activity with professional pilot.

  • Provide search and rescue support to local authorities.

  • Provide LIVE Aerial sourced data to Agriculture, Police, Fire, and other agencies and private organisations.

  • Provide HD video for the marketing of high end Commercial and Residential properties for sale.

High Performance Y6 Drone with advance features and Live HD FPV. Fully Autonomous and 45 Min Flights