About our 40 Years of experience

Drone Reaserch was founded in 2009. All founders have already been engaged with development of advanced aerial vehicles for over 40 years before that time. Products of Drone Research seek to provide the technologically most advanced answer for safe and high sophisticated operations in the field of the keen hobbist and professional aerial reconnaissance.

Drone Research builds and supplies rotary wing VTOL MAVs (VTOL = Vertical Take Off and Landing / MAV = Micro Aerial Vehicle) below 25kg mainly based on the principle of quadrocopters, which can be hired with pilot, or build to order with pilot tuition available.

Equipped with high-resolution photo-, video, thermography or multispectral sensors these UAV simplify the work of geodesist and surveyors significantly. Permanent access to live video and telemetry give you more than just an “eye in the sky”.


Just some of the possibilities


Discreet HD video and stills capture of closed events.


Visual surveys of difficult to access targets, from low and high altitude


Agricultural large scale surveys and target search, locate, and track.


Day and night silent video surveys conducted on behalf of Police and Security organisation by special request.

250 Racing Drones and Nexus Range


Latest News

  • Racing drone Services, Race Specs drones from £199.00

  • We can construct your racing 250mm drone for the coming season. Get into the latest hot hobby with big cash prizes Specs and Prices on request ..

  • FPV and long range flight systems

  • We can design a custom system that will provide HD quality video for up to 5 miles, complete with Telemetry monitoring all systems with display via an OSD (on screen display ) allowing instrument and first person long range flight. Prices and Specs on request

  • Professional Spec Sensors and Applications

    We are able to supply sensors to monitor Heat(FLIR) Pollen Radiation, Sampling, Lidar. Laser Range Finders, Mapping Software, Gimbals, Power Systems, Ground Station and GS Trays etc.

Racing 250 Carbon Copters

Available from £229.00 ready to go racing with CC3d or Naze32, includes 2.4 receiver and race lipo, carbon props

Latest drone industry News

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How to get a BNUC CAA Licence

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Need Some Advice ???

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Full Size Military Type Replica Drones Built to order.


Large Scale military type drone built to customers specifications for uses such as crop analysis, large scale mapping surveys, building projects etc